Other Interreg programmes

Interreg has become the key instrument of the European Union to support cooperation between partners across borders. The aim: to tackle common challenges together and find shared solutions - whether in the field of health, research and education, transport or sustainable energy.

A comprehensive list of  Interreg programmes can be found here. KEEP is the only source of aggregated information regarding projects and beneficiaries of European Union programmes dedicated to cross-border, transnational and interregional cooperation within the EU, and between Member States and neighbouring countries. 

The Interreg programmes are the following:


Adriatic-Ionian www.adrioninterreg.eu
Alpine Space Programme www.alpine-space.eu
Atlantic Area Programme www.atlanticarea.eu
Balkan-Mediterranean Programme www.interreg-balkanmed.eu
Baltic Sea Region Programme www.interreg-baltic.eu
Central Europe Programme www.interreg-central.eu
Mediterranean (MED) Programme interreg-med.eu
Northern Periphery Programme www.interreg-npa.eu
North Sea Programme www.northsearegion.eu
North West Europe Programme www.nweurope.eu
South West Europe (SUDOE) Programme www.interreg-sudoe.eu
Acores-Madeira-Canarias (Macaronesia) Programme www.mac-interreg.org
Caribbean Area Programme www.interreg-caraibes.fr
Indian Ocean Area Programme www.reunioneurope.org



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)